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Sourcing from local farms

It is in the pastures of the French regional breeding basins that we select our quality meats. 

85% of the animals brought in come from within a 180 km radius of our work site. This approach allows us to ensure a significant reduction in the level of stress of the animals we receive thanks to shorter transport times than the thresholds set by the regulations.

All transport of animals from the farms is carried out by licensed professionals who comply with the regulations and are trained in animal handling and care.


Our supply basin

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Meat breed within a 180km radius
Meat breed within a 180km radius
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Our central location gives us access to the best French suckler breeds as well as to all the mountain breeds born and bred in the extensive lands of the Massif Central. We also have access to all the other breeds that could ideally be introduced into our regions for the reputation of their meat

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