Out-of-home catering

Tailor-made products

Muscles frais et surgelés Puigrenier

Fresh and frozen muscles

We select the best muscles from our meats to enable you to create tasty dishes.

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Rib's Puigrenier

Fresh and frozen prepared meat

Selection of the finest cuts for portioned meats

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Steak Haché hamburger

Fresh and frozen minced meat menu

Nothing but butchered steaks! Oval, Round ...

Wide choice of weights, diameters, breeds: Charolais, Salers, Aubrac, Limousin,...

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Tartare sans fourchette Puigrenier

Fresh and frozen tartar menu

We offer a range of tartars in different weights, breeds and textures.

The freshly chopped tartar is our best seller!

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Fresh and frozen carpaccio menu

A complete range of carpaccios of different breeds, in different formats, for constant innovation!

Tataki boeuf

Pickled products

Steaks, roasts, slices... discover all our ranges of pickled products.

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Os à Moelle


We carefully select our offal for a unique taste and flavour.

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Yakitori bœuf fromage

Elaborated products

Sausages, meat products, brochettes... choose from our range.

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Salate à trancher

Our cooked products

A new range of cooked products for greater culinary differentiation.

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Atelier de pièçage

Our tailor-made services

Looking for a customised product? Contact Puigrenier, we offer a wide range of tailor-made services to meet all your requests