Large and medium retail stores

An adapted offer for each type of shop

Carcasse Puigrenier


We rigorously select the carcasses offered in our shops.

Faux Filet Entier Puigrenier


A wide range of vacuum packaged muscle is selected to meet the needs of each customer.

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Stockinette CAV

Matured meats

A unique maturation process is used for our meats to ensure optimal tenderness and flavour.

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Jambon de bœuf cru

Smoked meats and beef sausages

We create innovative products for greater differentiation on your shelves.

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Côte de bœuf

Pieced meats

We offer a range of products for both small and medium retail stores

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Elaborated products

We follow the latest market trends to offer you innovative and elaborated ranges.

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Queue de bœuf


We select our best offals for your shelves.

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Atelier de pièçage

Our tailor-made services

Looking for a customised product? Contact Puigrenier, we offer a wide range of customised services to meet all your demands.