Our corporate culture

Evolution at the heart of our business

The butcher, the pillar of Puigrenier

Whether it's a profession, a passion or a real revelation, the company has identified tutors who are committed to passing on their skills and know-how to newcomers every day. Becoming a butcher is possible at Puigrenier. We can train you from A to Z in all our trades according to your abilities.

We offer training courses, combining internal and external teaching on the trades of peeler, slicer, boner, 1st, 2nd and 3rd transformation operator, line operator. Most of our managers have joined the company on a temporary basis and have risen through the ranks, so why not you? Find out all Cartificates of professional qualifications in the sector

Professional training and apprenticeships for each of our employees

Is ambition one of your strengths? We are an accredited training centre and can offer you a complete apprenticeship in craft skills coupled with career opportunities in industry.

We do everything in our power to support you in your professional development within Puigrenier. In particular, we work in partnership with the IFRIA for professional training and with local schools/universities for apprenticeships.

I have been working for PUIGRENIER for more than 20 years, and have acquired solid experience by holding different positions, thanks to the trust placed in me. As a scheduler, but also a sales person at heart, I am committed to respecting and ensuring that the company's commitments to our customers are respected. Supporting our employees to produce quality products and provide the best service remains our priority.

Isabelle NERAULT Responsable ordonnancement Puigrenier
Isabelle NERAULT
Responsable ordonnancement

Recruitment area and SRM approach (Méthode de Recrutement par Simulation)

Are you looking for inspiration, a new job or a new working environment? We have set up tests to enable you to define the jobs that might suit you within the company.

We provide collective information at the Pôle Emploi (National employment agency) and we work in partnership with temporary employment agencies in our employment areas to promote the development of our professions.

Join us! It's easy, just send us your contact details, a CV and a cover letter.

Integration into the company life

Events/corporate bonding

We give priority to our employees so that they feel integrated and fulfilled at work.

The attractiveness of a company and the ability to retain its employees is no longer simply a matter of having a competitive remuneration policy. It is about offering employees something different, something that attracts their interest such as well-being, information, personal development...

Every year, we organise information/training days on health, road safety and security, celebrate women (8 March) and men (19 November), offer personal development training, organise car pooling, etc. This diversity of activities develops a feeling of belonging to the company, which is conducive to well-being at work.

My role is to lead and stimulate the sales department in order to consolidate and perpetuate the links between the customers and our company. I enjoy managing a young and dynamic sales team, providing them with advice to enable them to achieve their full potential in at work.

Valérie Marciniak Responsable administrative commerciale Puigrenier
Valérie Marciniak
Commercial administrative manager

My job is divided between two related areas, namely the supervision of general accounting and management control. Within the framework of management control, I'm in charge of drawing up the reconciliation of stock and margin data, etc., and I manage the dynamism of cost prices according to market trends. My objective is to develop management control by setting up relevant indicators to help the management in the steering choices.

Honorine Augagneur Responsable de la comptabilité générale et du contrôle de gestion Puigrenier
Honorine Augagneur
Responsible for general accounting and management control


In addition to the legal participation of employees in the company's results, a profit-sharing contract is implemented in our organisation. We believe that performance is everyone's responsibility and that everyone's participation should be rewarded. As such, we also consider it normal that part of the results of this collective performance to be distributed.

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