Our commitments to innovation

With over 50 years of experience, we became specialists in French cattle breeds. Therefore, we attach great importance to innovation in the service of meat quality. We regularly take part in competitions on the theme of innovation and have already won many recognised prizes.

Tartare sans fourchette Puigrenier

Freshly chopped tartares

Inspired by the great Parisian brasseries, our research led us to create this innovation in 2010. The freshly chopped tartare is now a staple on all restaurant menus, including the most prestigious gourmet tables.


Carpaccio in plate format

As a major player in fresh products, we have followed the evolution of consumer trends by adding an extra touch of praticality. The first fresh carpaccio that can be opened easily and placed directly on a plate was born in our workshops in 2012. Initially made from Charolais raw material, this new market segment was recognised as the Taste of the Year product when it was launched.

Stockinette CAV

Matured meats

By drawing on ideas from various travels, we undertook in-depth research into the differentiation of our products and the enhancement of the quality of our meats. After several years of research, we developed a process, in collaboration with ADIV, the Clermont-Ferrand R&D centre, to offer the first "Dry Aged" beef products.


Logo Trophées LSA 2014

LSA 2014 Trophy

We received the LSA trophy in 2014 for our self-service shop concept of matured meats.

Logo SIRHA 2017

Recognition in the highly selective world of high-end catering

Today, our dedicated factory, built in 2016, the only one in France, allows us to sublimate the best cuts of animals from the emblematic breeds of our territory. Recognised in the very selective world of high-end catering, our matured meats received the innovation prize at the SIRHA (International Catering, Hotel and Food Trade Exhibition) in 2017. Our matured meats are now present on the plates of top restaurants as well as on the shelves of large butchers and department stores.

Steak Haché hamburger

Chopped steaks

The restaurant world is an ideal playground for us to follow consumer trends, launch and test products. The adventure began 15 years ago with the launch of a range of butcher-style chopped steaks. With the explosion of the burger market, we adapted our innovations by working on different shapes and weights while surfing on these new consumption trends.

Each of our ranges is available in different breeds (Charolais, Limousin, Salers, Aubrac, etc.) to create real product cards.

The latest trend from the USA is thesmash burger : a new texture of minced meat for burgers that we have developed in our workshops with specific formats in 2020, an additional differentiation!

Bacon supérieur

Cooked meats / Beef sausages

Concerned to meet the needs of new generations of consumers, our research is now focused on products cooked in salt, smoked, and beef sausages, with the aim of developing elaborate products, respecting a "CLEAN LABEL" approach (use of ancestral and natural manufacturing methods with the aim of limiting or even eliminating preservative additives).

These products will be the consumption of tomorrow. We must be in tune with these new trends.



We regularly work in collaboration with ADIV, based in Clermont-Ferrand, the French leader in Research & Development, Audit, Consultancy, Expertise and Training services for the meat industry on innovation issues. This work allows us to benefit regularly from public financial support at European, national and local levels, as well as from CIR (Research Tax Credits).

Our international presence

We have always been an export player with the aim of promoting the breeds of our territory of excellence.

Our international development is a real source of inspiration and fuels our continual desire to innovate.

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Team spirit and continuous improvement

Beyond the product approach, our taste for innovation allows us to move forward with our employees and to foster team spirit.

Innovation is part of a process of continuous improvement that allows us to meet the needs of our customers, but also to maintain flexibility in our work organisation and to reduce drudgery in our workshops.

En savoir plus

Involved in the food industry for as long as I can remember, working for small and medium-sized fresh and ultra-fresh products companies, I have been involved in product and process development at Puigrenier for 15 years. My taste for materials, innovation, development and process drives me to build with our employees around our know-how for a quality product, while ensuring a high standard of safety and finding solutions to meet the ever-growing wishes, demands and needs of our customers.

Olivier Prot Technicien en bio industries, transformations des viandes et Directeur industriel
Olivier Prot
Bioindustry Technician, Meat Processing and Industrial Manager

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