Well-being at work

A word from our Human Resources Director

My objective is to provide professional and personal fulfillment to employees. This is achieved through the monitoring and promotion of talent, the development of skills and an ambitious quality of work life policy that ensures the attachment and well-being of employees. I have to make sure that we have the right people in the right places to combine performance and well-being. From induction to end-of-career planning, the first requirement of any individual and my greatest responsibility is the health and safety of all.

Lionel Cellier Directeur des Ressources Humaines
Lionel Cellier
Director of Human Resources

Personal development: a priority at Puigrenier

The inclusion of each employee

Gender equality, disability management and diversity are issues that we do not ignore.

The company has more than a third of women in its workforce, from operator to site manager, all positions are filled.

Our gender equality index for the year 2018: 73%.

Our gender equality index for the year 2021: 84%.

With us, there are no limits to your development and we will help you reach your most ambitious goals.

Our joint reflection with CAP Emploi enables us to promote success stories in terms of integrating people with disabilities. Cultural , social diversity and diversity of ethnic origin are a matter of course in our workshops. Our passion for our professions and the acquisition of the same skills bring us together and we evolve thanks to the complementarity of our talents.

The role of managers and the professional interview

Supporting all our employees is essential to us. Managers steer collective performance by listening to and following up on ideas for improvement from the field. Individual and professional interviews and communication rituals (TOP5/TOP15) are carried out on a daily basis in order to gather feedback and initiatives from everyone.

A triptych of safety, quality and productivity has been put in place to support and boost the company's performance. The objective is to achieve a respectable customer service and employee satisfaction rate.


Safety, Quality of Life at Work and end of career planning

LThe safety of everyone is our primary responsibility and concern. The handling of tools and machines for boning, cutting, trimming, grinding, packaging, etc. can sometimes be tricky. This is why every accident is scrupulously studied by a multidisciplinary committee to understand the reasons for it and to prevent it from occurring again.

In order to develop each of the positions, we have given our employees the means and the ability to analyse (PRAP training in particular), and they come together in project groups to analyse the problems and propose improvements.

One of our primary objectives is to encourage our loyal employees to stay with us at the end of their careers. With this in mind, we are developing a maximum number of "soft" jobs in terms of physical effort but complex know-how. We are setting up tutor/trade referent positions that enable us to transfer knowledge from the most experienced employees to the new ones. The CET (Time Savings Account) is another of our means of arranging the end of a career.

We do our utmost to awaken the preventive spirit of each person, the co-responsibility and the ability to have the right reaction at the right time. We regularly provide information on well-being and health through interventions by health professionals on our premises (cardiovascular diseases, sleep, physical activity, etc.). For optimal comfort at work, our employees benefit from seated massages to combat Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) and stress and to take a break from the daily routine of work..

We regularly provide information on well-being and health through interventions by health professionals on our premises (cardiovascular diseases, sleep, physical activity, etc.).

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