The Heifer Scoop

After listening to all its partners, Puigrenier has established a new and innovative channel named “Génisse Primeur” (“Young heifers”).

With enormous supply potential, this division covers beef breeds only: Charolais, Charolais-Salers cross, Limousin and beef cross.

The cattle produced by these certified breeds perfectly meet customers’ current demands: cattle with uniform conformation and weight, guaranteeing the best value for money throughout the year.

The advantages :

vache2tttThe tenderness of the meat
tttLower carcass weight
tttBetter use of offal
tttThe “heifer” designation
tttThe perfect response to consumer demand: tenderness, uniformity, colour of the meat, etc.
tttThe possibility of ensuring non-GMO animal feed, based on a strict specification

A genuine partnership has been created between Puigrenier and all the clients participating in this unique, high-quality venture.

All cuts are available to our hypermarket and supermarket clients : whole carcass, hindquarter 8 ribs, hindquarter 13 ribs, hindquarter 8 ribs + 5-portion fore package, round, forequarter with flank, shoulder-brisket chuck & blade, front package with 5 portions and the possibility of T-bone cuts.