Our strengths

At the heart of the Charolais cattle-rearing region

42-des-bovins2Thirty years ongoing cooperation with regional stock breeders, who are recognised for their expertise, guarantees a reliable supply of animals selected for their high quality. This selection is based on the transparency of breeds and origins, rearing practices, animal welfare and respect for the environment. As a responsible company, Puigrenier’s meat is characterised by direct relations with farmers as well as slaughter in the breeding and rearing area.

A sustainable development approach has also been adopted by the company. Transport costs and Co² emissions are low, as our primary supplies come from the Centre and Auvergne regions where we are based.

The image of a specialist

Puigrenier’s position is that of a beef specialist and, more particularly, a Charolais specialist, for all its product ranges. All of our products are also available using other breeds: Limousin, Salers and Aubrac.


bio4A quality system

In order to guarantee customer satisfaction, Puigrenier has focussed intensively on quality label systems: Label Rouge for more than 20 years and Bio (organic) for the past 5 years.labelrougeWe are now a major player in the production and marketing of processed organic meat products.

Constant innovation


Innovation has been key at Puigrenier for more than 15 years.

We were also one of the 2012 winners of the innovation prize awarded by the Grés d’or for the “La Cave à Viande” (The Meat Cellar) range. The development of other products, including “Tartare aux couteaux” (knife-cut steak tartare), establishes Puigrenier as one of the sector’s major innovators.
“Charolais beef cattle are born and raised in the Centre region, along with 700,000 suckler cows.”